Three Organic Content Ideas for Artists

published2 months ago
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A consistent content strategy is challenging for many artists.

Coming up with ideas alone is a tough beat for most of us.

I mean, I’ve been consistently creating content on the internet for years now, and I still struggle to come up with what I feel are good ideas.

So how do we navigate the content creation process with music and artistry as the end goal?

Well, here are three content “types” I believe we all use and could afford to think a little bit more about.

Technical content

I think this is where most of us start, especially those with any semblance of technical proficiency in our craft (e.g. producing, mixing, etc.)

Because, let’s face it, it’s just a lot easier to turn on a camera and talk about your vocal chain, mic locker, or marketing process (ahem 👋🏻) than it is to discuss the emotional intent behind your song.

And it’s even easier to bypass the camera altogether and just share the screen without showing your face (no shade thrown here, I get it).

I personally love this type of content, but, of course, I’m an artist and producer myself.

The issue is that not everyone else is.

Technical content only appeals to people with the same set of skills or interests as us, which means it automatically alienates an entire subset of our audience that has no clue what we’re talking about.

So while technical content is a great place to start, it has limited potential when it comes to building relationships with fans that are actually centered around our music.

If we want to engage more than just one portion of our audience, we have to adjust.

Emotional content

Tapping into the emotion behind what we do is so powerful for building relationships with our fans.

Why did you write this song?

What are the lyrics about?

What do you hope others take away from it?

These are all excellent questions to ask and even better ideas to pursue with our content.

Peeling back the layers of the emotional onion allows us to draw listeners and followers into shared experiences, leading them to not only connect with us as artists but with one another as well.

Because the best fanbases in the world are communities.

Much like any other club or organization, music fans rally around a shared sense of identity and mission with their favorite artist, album, or song at the core.

Music is a fundamental expression of our humanity, and it binds us together.

As artists, we can lean into that.

Entertaining content

At the end of the day, being an artist is about being an entertainer.

Whether you’re making ambient instrumental music for use in TV and film or turning out chart-topping verses to pack arenas, entertainment is at the core of what you do.

The same applies to the content game.

If we want to find success on social media, our content must be, first and foremost, entertaining.

Things like live performance clips, music videos, or just hopping on a good trend with something that keeps people watching are all solid moves here.

Because an entertained person is an engaged person, and engagement is the metric of the day.

So the question is, are you entertaining your audience with your content?

Personally, I live predominately inside the realm of technical content while only touching on the emotional and entertaining.

I could do better.

And my guess is, we all could.

That’s it for this one.

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