When to Use a Landing Page in Your Ads (and Which One You Should Use)

Let’s talk about landing pages.

For some reason, music-centric landing page services are a hot topic within the online music marketing space.

But aside from the ongoing debate about which platform to use, there seems to be some general confusion about when to use a landing page in an ad context and when not to.

So let’s examine the appropriate time to implement a quality landing page into your ads and when to avoid the extra step.

And we’ll talk a bit about which service you should use as well. 😉

When to use a landing page

The purpose of a landing page is to filter traffic from an ad on its way to the final destination or end goal of the campaign.

In our context, we’ll often insert a landing page between our ad on Instagram and our Spotify artist profile, playlist, or song.

This means a user sees the ad for our song, clicks on the ad, hits the landing page, clicks the button to listen on Spotify, and is taken to the destination we’ve chosen.

However, this system is only effective within the context of a conversion campaign.

We need to have a pixel installed on the landing page so it can send a signal back to the ad platform when someone clicks that button.

This is how a conversion campaign quantifies success.

If we don’t have a pixel installed (or we’re not running a conversion campaign to track that button click), then the landing page simply serves as an extra, unnecessary step.

The primary purpose for using this system is to defend our ads against bot accounts that click on ads to drive up ad spend for competitors (it’s a nasty trick some companies use to free up ad space for their own ads).

If we seek to place our ads across a collection of global music markets, a conversion campaign with a landing page makes the most sense.

It’s also the default setup for more experienced marketers who like to ensure the highest level of ad security possible, regardless of their target audience or location.

When NOT to use a landing page

Unless you’re running a pixel-based ad campaign with a conversion objective, a landing page is generally not needed.

One of the most common places I see artists using landing pages unnecessarily is with traffic campaigns.

With a traffic-style ad campaign, the performance of the ad is measured when the link is clicked within the ad itself—whatever happens on the other side of that first link click is irrelevant in the eyes of the ad platform.

This means using a landing page with a pixel installed has zero quantitative effect on results.

All it really does is bottleneck and reduce traffic to the end destination.

A traffic campaign is not without its risks, of course. This type of campaign only works within a finite set of countries and requires more attention paid to ensure it remains healthy.

However, if you’re only advertising in countries like the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, or if you have minimal advertising experience and want to get up and running quickly, a traffic campaign is worth a look.

We frequently run traffic campaigns for our artists with DuPree X and often keep them going indefinitely when they return the results we’re looking for.

If you do plan to use a traffic campaign, bypass the landing page and go straight to the destination of your choice.

Which landing page service should I use?

There’s a lot of hullabaloo (sick word, bro) out there among the “music marketing” crowd about which service is best, which one has the most features, which is the most effective, etc.

If you do a quick YouTube search on the topic, tons of results will come up, full of heated debate.

The honest truth though? It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t.

My recommendation is to use the service you like the best because they all do pretty much the same thing.

I personally use ToneDen because I enjoy having access to custom domains and an array of multi-artist options for free. I also love that they have a built-in link-shortening feature.

If ToneDen isn’t your jam, other popular options are Linkfire, Hypeddit, and Feature FM.

If you’re looking for the right landing page service, just visit each of these sites and do a quick overview of the features offered and how much it costs to access them, then pick the one that includes the right combination for you.

Because, if I can let you in on a little secret (don’t tell anyone, ok?) most of the “influencer” debate over landing page services is fueled by video and content sponsorships.

*Pauses to sip tea* ☕️

It’s easy to say a particular service is the best when they’re paying you to make a video about it.

I know this because I get the same briefs in my inbox as most others in this space, but I pass on 99% of them because I’m not interested in playing that game.

Plus, I just think there are a lot more important things out there to have an opinion about than which landing page service I use in my ads.

I’d rather just use what I like and enjoy the process.

I recommend you do the same.

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